Monetize your social media following

Get paid to tell your audience about products they would love from brands that understand the value of influencer marketing.


Quality features

With our platform you get

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Simple Monetization

Make money by telling your audience about products and services you know they'll love.
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Authentic Connections

Only promote the best products from the most ethical brands that really understand your value.
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Detailed Analytics

Recieve actionable insights to improve your metrics and make you a better content creator.


Leverage your collective social presence across the internet

Our platform holistically evaluate your combined influence from all of your social media accounts in order to learn about your audience and get you the best brand partnerships possible.

Social Media Logos

Influencer Workflow

How to get brand partnerships


Find a product from a brand you believe in

We offer easy ways to discover great products through our web search experience.

Create content about the product for social media

Produce inspiring content that will drive your audience to purchase the product you're promoting.

Submit your post to our website for review

After we approve your content, we will give you a product link for your bio when you publish your post.

Get paid based on your performance

Using metrics from your product link, we will compensate you fairly for the value your post generated.

Get your question answered

Frequently asked questions

Is your platform open to the public?
Not yet! We're trying to launch as soon as possible. For now, just hold tight as we make our experience even better.
How many followers do I need?
Due to restrictions on Instagrams's API you need to have at least 100 followers to join our platform. However, we recommend growing to a few thousand followers before trying to monetize your account!
Can brands join the platform to find influencers?
That's the plan! However, we want to grow our portfolio of influencers before onboarding too many brands in order to provide you with the best experience. We plan to launch the brand side of our platform in the next 3 to 4 months!
Who's making this product?
AffMark was founded by Michael Ilie and Vijay Shanmugam. We are two high school students from Washington DC. We're passionate about technology and we understand the value of influencer marketing. We want to allow startups and small businesses to leverage the power of influencers at scale which has traditionally been limited to large corporations.